Danelt was once a fair kingdom located on the Starsfall Ocean on the northern coast of Ghelscena. However, it’s capital, Blackgate, fell to a demon army in 906, 5th Era. Only a small group of heroes, who rallied the defenders and populace of Blackgate, saved it from total ruin. Near this time as well, the dread monster known as the tarrasque awoke from the depths of the Mines of Danikkal and rampaged throughout southern Danelt, only to be whisked away by powerful magics to assault the kingdom of Norvunel on the Neuthael Peninsula.

It is now the year 940 of the 5th Era. Alvenal’s twin planet, Q’reis, looms ever larger in the sky. Magic has begun to go wild, as it always does when Q’reis comes near Alvenal. In this encroaching chaos sits the ruins of Danelt. Petty barons and bandit lords rule the villages and towns, the former capital of Blackgate, and the countryside. Control and power only exist as far as one’s swordarm can reach.

Will you bring order of the ruins of Danelt, or shall you further the chaos?


samsalmons X1887